What I’ve Been…: Eating: The Crown Inn, Higham, UK

Is there much better than visiting a cosy countryside pub for a quiet drink and a bite to eat on a Saturday night? Not in my book! So, upon venturing to Higham in North Derbyshire recently, we were looking forward to a good meal to replenish ourselves after a busy start to the weekend.

Upon entering the establishment, you first notice the bar! Placed at the centre of the pub, it stretches out in the venue’s many different rooms, making it perfect to place an order during some of the busier times it experiences. When we made our visit, the pub wasn’t particularly busy, but had a cosy, warm atmosphere, which when coupled with the quirky décor of suits of metallic armour and several roaring fires alongside fairy lights, made for a perfect environment.

I plumped for a pint of Old Rosie cider to start, which was typically strong, but tasty, while another member of our party went for a perry cider. The cider options available were plentiful, making it a choice destination for lovers of the drink. Having been informed that the menu had changed recently, the pub’s famed sizzling skillets were still the main attraction for myself, while our party opted for a camembert and dish of continental meats and cheeses to nibble at throughout.

As a word of warning, the menu states a wait time of 45 minutes, which was about spot on, but it meant that by the time our meals arrived we were more than ready to tuck in! Served on a hot plate, the assorted chicken and vegetables in a BBQ sauce, made for a hearty meal, that was a struggle to finish, such was the sheer amount of food. The BBQ sauce, while fairly watery, was soaked up by the skillet’s contents, making every bite one to savour, and it was a filling, satisfying meal.

The camembert platter was full of amazing tastes. Topped with drizzled honey and crunchy walnuts, it was the perfect combination; the crusty bread and homemade chutney complemented the dish wonderfully, making for some real value for money. The meat platter boasted a continental theme with spicy chorizo, German smoked salami and serrano ham, teamed with extra mature cheddar, which was full of flavour.

Another cider later, this time a Thatcher’s Gold enjoyed, and we spent the evening relaxing in the warm, inviting pub. Often if you’re not a regular in such an establishment, you can feel almost unwanted or a bit out of place. However, at the Crown it was quite the opposite, the landlord’s chatty and humourous nature shone through all night long – it’s easy to see why customers come back for more.

The Crown at Higham may have a fair bit of local competition, with it being the third pub in quite a small area, however its quaint, quirky décor, equally quirky landlord, and hearty, wholesome food that represents fantastic value for money, see it shine above the rest. Even if you fancy a drink, with the variety of drinks on offer, I was told that their cocktail range is impressive too, your experience can surely only be a good one!

For more information on The Crown Inn, please visit: https://thecrowninnhigham.co.uk/.

*The writer was not paid for this review, this is an unbiased piece.


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