President Trump; 2016’s sickest joke yet?

First came the passings of Messrs Bowie and Prince in the infancy of this year to end all years. Then the UK’s own political reboot occurred with the Brexit episode in the summer, repercussions of which are still unfelt and unfolding in achingly slow fashion.
Now this…

An electoral candidate whose campaign relied upon hatred of minorities, brash claims of wall building and benefits to the ‘American people’, y’know, so long as they weren’t Hispanic, black, Muslim or female.

For 2016 standards, this really is something. Going from the country’s first black president to a president-elect who has received the KKK’s backing is, well, staggering.

It’s another notch on the belt for hatefulness and spite, in a year that has seen people utilise their right to vote, in the most unprecedented of ways.

Don’t get me wrong, Clinton had her faults and was in no way a whiter than white candidate. But she’s not this. She’s not a politically inexperienced, business-based mogul turned reality TV star, who decided to run for President.

Now what happens? Like the summers events in the U.K. it’s all rather sketchy and basic. He’ll be inaugurated in the New Year, how quickly, if at all, he’ll be able to implement a number of those controversial, yet extremely vague policies, is another thing. American politics is a peculiar thing at the best of times for policies to be passed through, so that’ll be a saving grace for some.

It really is a new chapter in the history of the world. 

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