Music: The return of Arcade Fire!


Canadian experimentalists Arcade Fire are back with a brand new single from their upcoming album, ‘Reflektor’.

The single is entitled, ‘Reflektor’, also, is produced by ex-LCD Soundsystem man James Murphy and even features guest backing vocals from the legend himself, David Bowie!

The song takes a lot of Murphy’s disco based influences and fuses it together with the sound of the band’s last album, 2010’s ‘The Suburbs’, with pianos, a fantastic riff and some 70’s catchy drum beats.


The 7 minute long epic is challenging, yet familiar, hitting just the right spot. Husband and wife duo, Win Butler and Regine Chassange, the band’s leaders, along with their five other members, have really got it spot on here, Win’s voice protruding as one of the most recognisable of his generation, and Regine’s delicate French vocals offering some beautiful respite from her partners.

What starts off as a steady tune, develops around the halfway mark, turning more and more complex with added layers thrown into the mix, the melodrama turned to 11, with pianos, vocals and guitars being trashed simultaneously, to create a wall of thundering sound, that is VERY pleasing to the ears.

It was released last night amidst high anticipation levels online, with the band’s mysterious viral campaign, of 9/9/13 @ 9pm, working a charm. The band turned up at Montreal in a surprise fancy dress gig, emulating their caricatured-selves in the video for the song (at the bottom of the page).


This song is a great taster of what should be a savage double-LP, with the age of disco seemingly returning to the mainstream once again, Daft Punk finding huge success in the old genre, but this time in the unlikely form of Arcade Fire It may not be their best piece of work to date although it runs the likes of ‘Rebellion (Lies)‘ and ‘Wake Up‘, very closely in my humble opinion.

October the 28th cannot come any quicker!


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