Film Review: The Wolverine (2013)


The Wolverine’, is another underwhelming adaption of everyone’s favourite mutant. After the disappointing ‘X Men Origins: Wolverine’, Hugh Jackman returns to play the role that made him hit the big time, for the 6th time. It seems him take Logan to Japan, to visit a man who’s life he saved back during the Second World War, a man who knows wants to repay him by taking away his healing ability from him.

But yeah, the film is actually fairly boring.

Jackman is good enough, he’s more than capable in the slice-em-up action scenes, spits out the wise cracks with pure venom and is the perfect anti-hero (in a way). But the films lacks any sort of zest. Sure the Japanese culture that is thrown into the mix, spices things up a bit, you’re not watching white-American’s being saved, but the Japanese, a refresher that Hollywood has seemed to latch onto in a bid to improve box-offices worldwide, aswell as offer up some sizeable English-speaking roles to Asian actors.

The two real standouts were the granddaughters of Logan’s ‘friend’ from the War, Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima, playing Mariko and Yukio respectively. Both were interesting and you cared about them. But bar themselves, and our Wolverine, there isn’t a lot else to write home about.

There’s no real flow to the story, it seems the formula is made up of ‘talk + fight +new location’, which continues to the climax. Our villain is the Viper, a mutant with unexplained powers, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova. She’s a poor villain, who probably isn’t given enough screen time to solidify her motives, but she really offers nothing other than acidic spittle (nice). The supporting cast are forgetable, throw in cameos from Logan’s lover Jean Grey, Famke Janssen and some sporadic ninja attacks, and that just about covers it.

It may seem like I detested the film, but I just found it was perfectly fine whilst watching, it certainly doesn’t provoke hatred or anger towards any of the characters, intended or unintended, like that in Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers’, films, it’s just ‘fine’. However, I really can’t see myself sitting through the 2 hours and 16 minute running time again any time soon, and I would quell the expectations of the most hardcore, excitable X Men fans as much as possible going in. I watched it with a big fan of the whole universe, and he thought similar to me, to put it nicely, it’s a ‘shrug of the shoulders’ film. A ‘meh’.

If I had to place it around the other recent X-Men films, it’d have to be better than ‘Origins’, but not coming close to ‘First Class’, a nice level of average. Speaking of ‘First Class’, stick around after the credits, for a lovely little scene, that may have just saved the whole movie in one two-minute scene!



2 thoughts on “Film Review: The Wolverine (2013)

  1. I’m with you. It was kinda fun and the the two girls were interesting characters. There simply wasn’t enough screen time for Viper. Best part for me was the funeral and ensuing chase, the train scene was reminiscent of so many others but handled ally well.

    1. Yeah, I know I didn’t go too in depth into the actual film, but I think I made my points still ha! I just don’t fancy seeing it again any time soon, that much is for sure!

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