Movie News: Batman vs Superman! IT’S HAPPENING!



The dream for many comic-book fans, movie fans and just about everyone with an interest in film was confirmed last week to be coming true…BATMAN AND SUPERMAN IN ONE FILM!

Yep, you heard me right (well read but that’s not the point).

Zach Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’, may have disappointed some this summer, but its sequel will carry DC Comics biggest characters, the two staples of comic books on the whole, and a surefire hit, right?

Well, not so surefire, as the movie will pit the two SUPERheroes (the clue’s in the name), against each other. Battling against each other. Superman. And Batman. Crazy!

And Batman will be re-cast, Christian Bale will NOT return and whilst Christopher Nolan is onboard as ‘executive producer’, his Bat-verse will have nothing to do with the similarly grounded take on the Man of Steel.

As an early starting place, someone like Jon Hamm could fit the role well, with his ‘Mad Men’ character Don Draper a similarly troubled man to that of Bruce Wayne, and aesthetically he fits the criteria Snyder will be looking for to play the billionaire. 

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams return as the loved up couple, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, as do director and writer, Snyder and David S. Goyer, to some fans understandable disappointment.

In my opinion, ‘Man of Steel’, wasn’t a bad film, just troubled. The final 40 minutes or so saw destruction on an immense scale, with originality at a head-thudding low, but the previous couple of hours wasn’t so bad. Hans Zimmer’s score makes a lot of films more enjoyable than they really are!

Back to DC though, and with the announcement of a couple of other superhero-related pictures simultaneously, it’s clear to see they are fully going for the rumoured Justice League movie, echoing Marvel’s megabucks success, ‘The Avengers’

This set-up shouldn’t be rushed though, it took Marvel four long years to reach their big team-up movie, and we got to know every character through their own individual films, a good move.

It’ll be interesting to see what they change about the new Bats, but with 2015 a crowded movie marketplace, the new Star Wars, James Bond 24 and Avengers 2, just to name a few, DC will be hoping their bold move pulls off!


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