Motorsport: Goodwood Festival of Speed Moving Car Show 2013


Thursday 11th July saw the Goodwood Festival of Speed kick off its 2013 edition with the now regular Moving Car Show segment.

The preview show, sees the latest roadcars from manufacturers like Audi, Ferrari and McLaren bomb round the hillclimb at the Sussex-based track, with the aim of selling cars to the baying crowd of motor enthusiasts. It’s the pre-cursor to the weekend, which on this specific occasion saw the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and lap record holder Nick Heidfield showed off their F1 cars.

Thursday, however, saw their cars, along with Ferrari, Marussia and Caterham’s amongst others be on display to the public, as part of various exhibitions. Crews were starting up the cars engines, drawing crowds, hoping to catch a glimpse of a Button or a Hamilton.

Other exhibitions included Wacky Races cars, a focus on Porsche cars past and present, culminating in this year’s statue (above) and stages set up by each manufacturer to show of their latest models, and amazing hospitality!

Ford had a towering black structure with free ice cream, a ‘race face’ activity and rooftop views of the grounds of Goodwood House, transformed for the weekend into a buzzing race circuit. Audi had an open top stage with a Le Mans show that interacted with the audience, whilst Tag Heur, the watch company, had a McLaren simulator that yours truly had a go on…and flipped the car twice through the streets of Monaco!


There was also a 4D McLaren experience of a lap round Jerez, with Button guiding you through things and being violently swung about in a race seat. A paddock full of the very latest supercars took precedent in the garden, all of which culminated in a great day out, supplemented well by the blazing summer sunshine, it was hard to think you were in England.

A developing air show featured air craft of all shapes and sizes, offering helicopter rides around the vicinity, whilst those of the upper class were catered for well, with a Porsche restaurant which looked VERY exclusive.

And then, last but not least, probably the best thing I saw at this aptly titled, Festival of Speed. The GAS entertainment show, featured world champions, X Game champions, all sorts. There were precision bikers, BMX stuntmen and motocross guys too, it was amazing to be so close to such dangerous and crazy people, doing things that you just don’t do on bikes or bicycles!

For those of us not lucky enough to make it to Silverstone on an annual basis, this is the next best thing, Earl March certainly knows how to please 150,000 motor enthusiasts!

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