Game Review: The Walking Dead: 400 Days (2013)


The long-awaited, semi-sequel to the savagely successful, ‘The Walking Dead’, Telltale-games series, ‘400 Days’, is here and it delivers on the promise of the end of Season One, setting things up deliciously for Season Two, expected to release later this Winter.

Priced at £3.99, and totalling at just shy of 2 hours, ‘400 Days’, deals with giving us snippets into the lives of 5 brand-new characters, (no Lee and Clementine sorry!) all with mixed stories to tell and different personalities to boot. It all forms a great slice of action, that is full of set-pieces, to rival Season One and a couple of new mechanics that freshen it up a bit. Sure there’s a lot of emphasis on the character-building, making decisions and talking, but that’s ‘The Walking Dead’, in a nutshell, the things that made it such a wildly popular release throughout last year. Yep, Telltale Games know exactly what they are doing, and it is a delight to see.

The set-up is that we find ourselves at a noticeboard, with photos of our five characters, with the option of playing through their ‘memories’ in whatever order we want. Without giving anything away, they all provide different experiences, some interweave depending on your choices, which are as divisive as ever, with only the ticking time bar forcing you to make such hard decisions, that you KNOW will have a telling impact on what happens later on down the line.

Let’s go through our five then. Vince is a criminal who we meet right at the beginning of the zombie outbreak, and he and his inmates quickly have a tough decision to make. Wyatt is travelling through a clump of foggy, dense woods when…I’ll let you guess what happens next! Russell is a young kid inadvertently hitchiking around the United States, Bonnie a mysterious woman who ends up running for her life and Shel, a member of a group with certain links back to the Season One cast.

All in all, they are diverse, yet interesting, and despite the 20 minutes or so with each of them, you actually manage to care for them! Incredible given that we have such a short amount of time with them. The gameplay, with foggy scenario’s, hide and seek scenario’s and several run’n’gun sections delivers in spades, very entertaining.

To be honest, I want Season Two now! ‘400 Days’ is a delight to play, and whilst short, is a MUST play for anyone who adored the first lot of episodes as much as myself. And to anyone who’s not played the first Season…what are you doing with yourself? Go…NOW!


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