Live Music: Darwin Deez @ Rock City (27/4/2013)


American indie rockers Darwin Deez hit Nottingham’s Rock City on April 27th, entertaining their crowd with varying degrees of success for around 90 minutes.

After the warm-up act of Aussie upcomers San Cisco, think a junior-Darwin Deez with a female presence and you’ve got it, got the crowd going, Darwin and his three bandmates took to the stage, kicking off the show with a dance number. These are a big part of their live show, and break up songs pretty nicely, providing comic relief to the whole gig, especially the one where the quartet danced to ‘Whip My Hair’, not something I thought I’d be seeing that night if I’m totally honest. Rock City is a cracking little venue for live music, and the Deez played to its strengths, getting the sound just right and occasionally jumping right into the baying crowd.

Kicking off with the best song from new album, ‘Songs for Imaginative People’, ‘You Can’t Be My Girl’, it was clear to see the band themselves were fine. Scuzzy guitar riffs and THAT drum beat filled the hall as they were in their element, with various comments highlighting the enthusiasm of the crowd.

Favourites, ‘DNA’, ‘Up In the Clouds’, ‘Constellations’, ‘Bad Day’ and ‘Radar Detector’ were flittered throughout the setlist, with the other tunes made up of off-beat tracks that on a first listen sounded like album fillers, and in a live environment, don’t amount to much more than that. It was nice to have a change of pace, but ending on a trio of these slower, not as good songs, was a poor choice, and shows that there will be more to come from the American’s.

Whilst the band have rarely seen much mainstream success, and with Rock City wasn’t exactly brimming to the rafters, the Deez have a long way to go, but for £12, their devoted fanbase was more than happy with a positive, enthusiastic gig that was pretty fun.


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