Music: Daft Punk Are Back!


After months, nay years, of speculation, of teases, French dance pioneers Daft Punk return in just over a month’s time with their fifth album, ‘Random Access Memories’. In what has been the BEST advertising campaign for anything that I can remember in a while, the robotic duo have released tidbit after tidbit, beginning with a series of 16 second adverts during America’s ‘Saturday Night Life’, expanding with a series of YouTube videos, entitled ‘The Collaborators’, featuring interviews with various stars who appear on their latest LP and most recently reaching with a 2 minute advert (click below) at Coachella of all places, showing a sneak peek of their song with rapper Pharell on vocals, legendary musician Nile Rodgers on rhythm guitar and the robots on drums and bass. It’s incredible!

The campaign has been effective, getting fans, including myself, super-hyped for their first ‘proper’ album, discounting the soundtrack for 2010’s ‘Tron Legacy’, in years, in fact 8 years in total. Some see the upcoming release as the ‘Daft’ re-invention of Disco music, which judging by the single ‘Get Lucky’, and the information disclosed in the ‘Collaborators’, series (below) seems to be the case. A new ‘Daft Punk’, album is always an exciting time, but when mainstream collaborators are on-board it really does get you salivating, wondering whether they could finally become the world’s premier dance act.

It’s been reported that from that initial Coachella clip above, a fully-fledged single will be released tomorrow (the 15th of April). I for one am very excited to see what tomorrow will bring, albeit another ‘Colloborator’ segment, another little snippet of a new tune, or indeed the long-awaited first single from ‘Random Access Memories’, is finally released to the world!



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