Music Review: Vampire Weekend ‘Diane Young’, ‘Step’ (2013)


New York kings of indie Vampire Weekend have just released their first content since 2010’s second album, ‘Contra’, ahead of their third LP, ‘Modern Vampires of the City’, and they’re a couple of varied, brilliant pieces.

Diane Young’, is a mad mixture of influences and instruments, with voice alterations just the tip of the iceberg. A rapid drum beat punctuates the sounds of brass horns and a vocal, that whilst distinctive of lead singer, Ezra Koenig’s vocals, has him rushing through the lyrics, like he’s in a major hurry. Parts of it carry the African drumming the band are famed for, parts sound like an Elvis song from the rock’n’roll days of the 50’s, it’s a real diverse piece, and probably best described by the top comment on its YouTube video: ‘such a fun ass track!’.

Fellow track, ‘Step’, is more recognisable as a Vampire Weekend track, and a mellower piece on the whole. Opening with an orchestral vibe the New Yorkers are known for, it is a nice lyrical piece that is ethereal, taking things slow and steady and equating to a peaceful song, in comparison to the other release. Koenig’s vocals soar alongside a backing choir and the electronic nuances that poke in and out of the length of the tune, it’s a sign of how differing the band can be.

Initial signs, then, show that the third album looks to be a cracker. We’ll find out on May 6th, when it’s released here in the UK.

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