Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2013 Part 2

Most Anticipated Films of 2013

The second part of my preview for the biggest films of the new year…

5. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 with Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr reprises his role as the superhero Marvel chose to kickstart their film franchise, Iron Man. And kickstart did he! 2008’s original, ’Iron Man’, set a high standard for the rest of the comic book adaptations to meet, and was the very first piece of the jigsaw that led to last year’s uber-successful, ‘Avengers Assemble’. Now, in its third iteration, can Tony Stark bounce back from devastation he personally suffered in the events of 2012’s epic superhero movie?

Again, an impressive wealth of supporting actors is attached to the products, with Don Cheadle and Gwenyth Paltrow returning, alongside Guy Pearce, as a potential villain, Ben Kingsley, as THE centrepiece villain, Mandarin and Rebecca Hall, as a scientist, creator of the mysterious Extremis virus. Little is known about the plot, except that China as a country is expected to feature heavily due to investment in the budget of the film. Providing that new director Shane Black, former alumni of star Downey Jr, can piece together these characters better than the previous instalment managed, ‘3′, should be very much worth watching.  A couple of cheeky cameos from some of the ‘Avengers’, wouldn’t go amiss either!

4. Star Trek: Into Darkness


I’ve never been a Trekkie. In fact, I only saw the first of the newly rebooted series a couple of years after its release, yet found JJ Abrams’ origin story surrounding the space crew intriguing. His band of misfits contained no big-name Hollywood stars, with the exception of perhaps Simon Pegg, something which I felt worked with an origins story centred around how they all met one another. One of the criticisms of the first, was that the villain was lacking in pure evilness. Well to tackle this head on, Abrams brought one of the biggest up-and-coming talents in modern-day cinema on board, in Benedict Cumberbatch. Star of the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’, Cumberbatch is down as playing Enterprise ship hand John Harrison, although many on the web are buzzing with rumours of his real identity, starting Harrison to be a mere alias. Nevertheless, the smattering of trailers and a 9-minute prologue for the film have shown further leaps forward in terms of the visuals, another highlight of its predecessor, and something that can come alive in such a universe, with rusty-red planets, pits of lava and spectacular aqua-based crashes, and that was just in the trailer! It has a lot of potential to be one of the biggest films of the year, satisfying mainstream moviegoers, aswell as die-hard Trekkie’s.

3. Kick-Ass 2

Newscom TagID: infphotos624754/Photo via Newscom

The first ‘Kick-Ass’, divided viewers everywhere. From a small child using the C-word frequently and being shot in the chest by her father, to some disturbing torture scenes, it wasn’t afraid to go beyond audience’s wildest expectations. And neither is the follow-up, with villain Red Mist changing his name to the less catchy, ‘The Mo********er’, (and a ridiculous amount of stars), gaining a Russian bodyguard named ‘Mother Russia’and Jim Carrey thrown into the mix, expect hilarity. I’ve read a small portion of the sequel to the successful comic book, and it’s more of the same dark humour and bloody action the first movie had us accustomed too.

In a world where superhero movies are THE biggest genre at the moment, just look at the last couple of years as prime examples, it’s refreshing to see this completely fun, OTT version. The blood is Tarantino-esque (plentiful), the language colourful and the characters eye-catching, it makes a nice change of pace from something like the brooding Batman we’ve become used to. Ever since the innovative first film, I’ve been looking forward to this, and whilst it’s slightly worrying that no trailer has been produced, given the film’s July release, I expect great things from ‘Kick-Ass 2′.

2. Man of Steel


This year’s ‘The Dark Knight’? Maybe. With Christopher Nolan’s trilogy over, he takes a backseat as producer on a new attempt to get Superman critical cinematic acclaim, after a spectacular failure in 2006. Judging by a couple of trailers, Nolan’s influence and the appearance of composer Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack, expect a darker look at the man from Krypton, the first ‘real’ superhero. Henry Cavill is the man in the cape, a bold choice given his relative anonymity in Hollywood, yet another sign of burgeoning British talent. He’s ably assisted in by far his biggest film role yet, supported by Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner and Amy Adams, with Michael Shannon as villain General Zod. With ‘Marmite’ director Zack Snyder taking the helm, a man who can either make ‘300′, or ‘Sucker Punch’, the pieces are in place for a great adaptation, and perhaps another trilogy. It may well be the start of DC’s attempt at a cinematic universe aimed at aping Marvel’s immense success. Who knows, but a lot hangs on this Superman being the best Superman of all time.

1. Anchorman: The Legend Continues


Capping off a top five of sequels, (a bit worrying), is everyone’s favourite broadcaster, Ron Burgandy! The cult status the first film found, meant that rumours were always buzzing surrounding a sequel. And early last year, Will Ferrell appeared on a US TV chat show in character as Burgandy, to confirm the news everyone was waiting for; Xmas 2013 is Anchorman 2 time. It’s going to be hard not to directly copy the first, but at the same time, Ferrell and co have been making these distinctly different comedies for years, ‘Step Brothers’, ‘Blades of Glory’, they are different, yet keep the same ethos, it’ll be interesting to see. Some say that the sequel has been hashed together purely to help it’s ailing stars at the box-office. Hopefully this isn’t the case, as a poor sequel could harm some careers even further, with fans let down. I don’t see it myself but we’ll see.

With no distinct plot details and a short teaser trailer with our favourite Channel 4 News Team, musical numbers are claimed to be in, hopefully a couple of more epic fights featuring cameos galore, and just a whole lot of fun.With all the original cast returning, Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner, as sportscaster, Champ Kind, aswell as Kristen Wiig as a potential love interest for Carrell’s lovable weatherman Brick Tamland, it should be the funniest film of the next 12 months.

Honourable Mentions: Elysium, After Earth, Carrie, Cloud Atlas, The Lone Ranger, Gangster Squad, Zero Dark Thirty, Hitchcock, Pacific Rim, Movie 43.


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