Trailer Talk #1: Movie 43, Die Hard 5, The Lone Ranger

In the first of a new set of articles I’ll be writing, let’s look at the latest new trailers to hit the web this week…

Movie 43, an ensemble comedy that looks to take ‘raunch’ to the next level, A Good Day to Die Hard, the ridiculous new title of the next ‘Die Hard’ film, and The Lone Ranger, a $250m revamp of the old US TV series and a Johnny Depp dominated picture.

Movie 43

I’d not heard a peek from this new comedy vehicle before the trailer popped up online a couple of days ago, but from what I saw, it looks hilarious! By looking at the trailer, you’d find no one plot, but seemingly several. There’s a strand surrounding a basketball team, a daring couple and a leprechaun. Yes a leprechaun. This is down to the format the film’s taken, it’s full of 12 short stories, with each segmented directed by a different filmmaker, including, bizarrely enough, actress Elizabeth Banks. THEN comes the star power. A clutch of whom are, Richard Gere, Kate Winslet, Gerard Butler (as the aforementioned leprechaun), Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry- even McLovin! Some are comic veterans, some just well-established thespians, but most recognisable to the mainstream, which, despite what the trailer shouts to you, that it is ‘UNCENSORED, UNEXPECTED‘, is what the film will need to conquer the box-office. With a release date of January 2013, it isn’t that far away, and is something that I’m looking forward to.

A Good Day to Die Hard (Die Hard 5)

Yeah, you read right. Die Hard 5. Yawn right? Wrong. It may be only a minute-long teaser trailer, but, to give it its proper title, ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, looks action-packed, more so than some so-called action flicks. With its familiar orchestral soundtrack in the background, the screen is filled with blasts of explosions, exquisitely performed explosions (Michael Bay take note), and an actor who’s career has revolved around action movies ever since it began: Bruce Willis. He is mute for almost the entirety of the trailer, only cracking out a self-referring one liner right at the end, ‘The 007 of Plain Field, New Jersey’. Die Hard 5 is looking alright!

The Lone Ranger

This looks a strange one. The titular character, ‘The Lone Ranger’, looks set to take a back seat to his own sidekick, although that sidekick is Johnny Depp. Yes, Depp is in another of his chameleon-like roles, as Tonto, an American-Indian, who bar the facepaint, looks eerily similar to Depp’s most famous, and money-spinning character of all, Captain Jack Sparrow. His name also pops up before Armie Hammer, the guy playing the Lone Ranger, a further indication of Disney trying to make sure every movie-goer is aware of the man behind the paint. The film looks okay, the barren, desert landscapes look impressive, and the slow-mo action style that is appearing more and more nowadays is also shoe-horned in. However, it does look a lot darker and grittier than I would’ve expected, and hopefully the film will deliver on such a premise when it debuts next summer, as Disney cannot possibly have another big-budget flop, like this year’s ‘John Carter’.

I might make this a semi-annual thing, let me know what you thought below, all feedback is appreciated massively, cheers and thanks for reading!


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