Film Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise has never been one of my favouite actors. He seems arrogant, wooden whilst acting and, in all honesty, a bit of a k**b. However, the media coverage of his stunts for the new ‘Mission Impossible’ film, that he does them all himself, including a casual run down the side of the biggest building in the world, the fact that ‘The Incredibles’ director Brad Bird was on board and the incredible set pieces in the trailer, convinced me to give both the ‘MI’, series and Cruise a chance.

To be completely honest, I’d never even seen a previous ‘MI’, before, but that didn’t matter, as only a few times were references to the past made, and they weren’t integral to the storyline or vital pieces of information. I enjoyed the globetrotting nature of the film, whipping the audience to exotic locations such as Dubai and India, after the initial opening in Moscow, Russia. It ensured that the film never became too stale with the same environments, and keeps it ticking along at a quick pace, and was also a smart marketing move, to attempt to increase the film’s global box-office. Right from the off too, Simon Pegg steals the show, with all the funny lines going straight to him, it’s a nice counter-balance to the ridiculous action, that gets more and more unbelivable as the film progresses, the memorable climax in the ‘robotic’ car park, taking it to extreme levels. Co-stars Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton did their bit abley when needed, with all fine support for the main star, Cruise.

One of the first credits to come up at the start was ‘A Tom Cruise Production’, and you can really tell it is. I know he’s the main character, but he is in nearly every scene, which is far too much. Also, as Pegg, Patton and Renner were all capable to lead the film, if necessary, it was disappointing that Cruise couldn’t hand the reins over the them for a while. However, as the film carried itself along, I became less and less ‘bothered’ by Cruise’s screen prescence, and just relaxed!

The visual effects and action are brilliant. A variety of shots, including sandstorms, car parks and running down the side of buildings are things you just don’t see in every movie. The fact that Cruise, actually did his own stunts was furthermore impressive. The scenes on the building are tense, and very well shot, showing the full scale of what he had to do, which I can imagine looked amazing in it’s originally shot IMAX form. These scenes in particular, feel much more realistic than the CGI action in other recent movies such as the ‘Transformers’ series. Another moan about TV and film, recently, is the lack of ‘strong’ women, but feminists have no need to fear here, as Patton and a female villain in Lea Seydoux represent them very well. Both are good characters, and it was a shame to see the demise of one a little over halfway through the film.

Tom Cruise, in the now famous Dubai skyscraper scene

Sub-plots involving the Russians, keep the pace going, and questions burning around Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt, who you’re never quite sure about. Again, in another recent staple of Hollywood movies, I wasn’t 100% convinced on the story and it’s direction, but you sort of go along with it, ready for the next exciting action set-piece. It all ties together quite nicely, despite the, at times, ridiculous action, but then I suppose that’s what this series’ past installments brought with it. Perhaps, on a rainy day, I might give the other three ‘Mission’s’ a go, as the film is a good, slick, action film, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. If you’re on the fence, then give it a go, even if you’re not too keen on Mr. Cruise!

4 /5


    1. Thanks! Yours is nice and long, and is more comprehensive than mine, well done! I also checked out your Another Earth and Take Shelter reviews, as those are movies I’ve missed nice work! I’ll follow you 🙂

  1. Yeah. I pretty much agree with all that you said here. Nice review. Check out the first MI, possibly the 2nd. Leave the third one alone, even though Philip Seymore Hoffman was a pretty good baddie. That’s what Ghost Protocol lacked.

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