Top 5 Games of 2011

After a long year, here are my top 5 games of the year!

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Another year, another installment of the most successful game of all time. MW3 saw a return to the ‘Modern Warfare’ theme, and sort of delivered. It’s story was the most hyperactive, set-piece laden mode I’ve ever played, and featured all the main countries in the world, although it was rather short. Also, the definitive ending means that we may finally move out of the storyline, and start fresh in a couple of years time, something to look forward to. The Spec Ops mode, brought a new zombie-like mode, called Survival, allowing players to pair up and defeat wave after wave of baddies, with the 2-3 minute missions also returning alongside this. The Multiplayer is what it is. A couple of months down the line, I’m not finding it as addictive as previous ‘CoD’s’, but the new additions with Kill Confirmed and the pointstreaks, are well thought of, and do improve the gameplay. With additional modes being continously added to, the game can only improve in this aspect. At the moment, it is the king of FPS’, but I’m waiting to reserve proper judgement until I play Battlefield!

4. F1 2011

Improving on the successful, ‘F1 2010′, was always going to be a tough task for developers Codemasters, however, they just about topped themselves. The career mode is deeper, and offers further interaction and customisation for the player to take advantage of. The enemy AI seems smarter, adding that extra competitve edge in those races. Extra additions to the gameplay with KERS and DRS, provide challenging tools which have to be applied tactically on and offline in order to take full advantage of them. Multiplayer is bigger too, literally, with upto 16 human players in one race! Obviously you still get the idiots whose one aim is to barge you off the track, and the rules haven’t been made tighter, but what can you do?! The best racing game of 2011? I think so.

3. Batman: Arkham City

Straight away, I have to admit that I haven’t yet finished this game, yet I still feel it’s worthy enough to be this high. Infact, it may well have been in 1st place, had it not been for Blockbusters wanting their game back! The atmosphere created within ‘Arkham Asylum’, is carried through into this sequel, and the world it’s held in, has expanded tenfold. Arkham City allows the player complete control in their actions. They can glide around the city all day, defend vulnerable inmates or actually attempt to complete the story-if they want. The improvement is impressive, on what was already a fantastic acheivement, with more gadgets and more villains in this beefed up version, I can’t wait till I get it again, and can finally finish my story.

2. FIFA 12

For me, personally, it’s unusual to see a FIFA game this high up in the list. However, a combination of me not playing a lot of the top titles, and FIFA actually upping its game even further this year, mean that FIFA 12 earns it’s place on the list. Multiplayer is where I mostly am, and I was sceptical at first with the restructuring of the ‘Head-to-Head’ section, to create 10 divisions in which the player’s progress is tracked over the playing time. It’s a tough challenge the further you get, and playing Barca and Real Madrid 24/7 can be boring, but it’s better than the previous iteration. The gameplay varies from brilliant to utter stupidity. I guarentee that in 1 out of 5 games, you will recieve a stupid penalty decision go against you, plus the Impact Engine isn’t perfect.  Still, it blows all it’s competition (PES?) out of the water, and continues to innovate it’s gameplay in so many ways, to make it an essential purchase for me every year.

1. Portal 2

This game is special. It’s nowhere near your average game, never mind your average puzzle game. No, Portal 2 is unique in every way. The aforementioned puzzles involve the use of a portal gun, a device which allows the player to shoot two portals, one blue, one orange, they can walk through and end up coming out of the other one. Confusing stuff, but it soon feels natural and you’ll be blasting through levels sooner rather than later. The game has wit and humour inbuilt into it throughout, the deadpan tones of the three actors (including Stephen Merchant!) fitting perfectly well, with the engaging storyline, which isn’t too long at 8 hours. However, a co-op campaign, completely seperate from the story, adds around another 8 hours to the gameplay. It’s a great package, and with DLC still trickling through a good 6 months after the game’s inital release, the support is there. I must emphasis how funny and exciting the game was, it really adds to the gameplay meaning it’s not just A puzzle game, but THE best puzzle game I’ve ever played.

Bearing this list in mind, I still haven’t played top titles like: Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Batman (fully!) or Saints Row the Third! The five above are still great games though.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Games of 2011

  1. I am yet to get stuck into Batman and Uncharted 3 is sitting under my Christmas tree right now…

    I have enjoyed a number of FPS this year – BF3, KillZone 3 and MW3.. I have also played Assassins Creed Brotherhood, and enjoyed LBP2..

    Nice article – drop my blog especially if you have a PS3..

    1. Same here hopefully! Hopefully BF3 too, I thought Killzone was okay but not a lot more, Assassins Creed was good, but 2010, and LBP2 was close! Thanks mate, I shall do

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