My Five Favourite Songs: Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords are a comedy duo, comprising of Brett MacKenzie and Jemaine Clement and hail from New Zealand. The pair started gigging, and managed to get their own radio show, featuring a denser versions of themselves, which then progressed onto a TV show, which ran for two seasons, and spawned two albums. The last couple of years have seen less activity from the boys, but the announcement this week that a movie is in the works, prompted me to reveal my favourite songs by the funniest band I know.

5. Bowie from ‘Flight of the Conchords’ (2008)

A slow-burning homage to the great David Bowie, ‘Bowie’, both gently takes the mick out of the music legend, and honours him. The duo really emphasis on Bowie’s eccentricites, highlighting his strange, space era in the song and the video. The lyrics, again, are hilarious ‘Does the deep cold of space make your nipples go cold Bowie?’, ‘Do they smoke grass out in space Bowie, or do they smoke astroturf?’. These both are asked in a comical impression of the man himself, with a pretty good imitation of several of his tunes. The song builds and builds until the climax when the refrain ‘Bowie’s in Space’, is repeated several times with a happy keyboard riff to go along with it. It’s a happy, hilarious song, like the majority of the Conchords music.

4. Albi the Racist Dragon

This HAS to be viewed with the video below. Well infact that is the only way it can, as this wonder of a song, was not released on either of the Conchords two albums. Telling the continuing story of ‘Albi the Racist Dragon’, what is perceived to be a popular kids TV show back in New Zealand, the ‘song’ features the titular dragon, Albi and the ‘badly burnt Albanian boy’. It reduces both Bret and Jemaine to tears, and the listener to tears of laughter. Jemaine’s narration and voices throughout provide laughter just when you least expect it, like the revelation that dragon tears turn into ‘jelly beans!’. The bad thing is that so many fans may not have discovered the song, as it doesn’t feature on either of the two albums, it really is a treat that needs to be discovered by the majority.

3. Hurt Feelings from ‘I Told You I Was Freaky’ (2009)

The only song to feature from the second album out of my top five, ‘Hurt Feelings’, offers a combination of both series’ staples for the music. Series one offered hilarious lyrics, with not so good overall ‘songs’, whereas series two, brought songs that were still smart and clever, but could fit into the pop charts, and overall felt a bit too manufactured. That being said, I loved both series’ in their own ways! Anyway, ‘Hurt Feelings’, builds on the troubles that the duo have as rappers. These range from being excluded by their friend’s trips to the cinema to see ‘Maid in Mahattan’, to birthday’s being forgotten. The ‘autobiographical raps’ are hilarious, capturing the genuine humour that they seem to pull out of nowhere in such mundane tasks. The rap/pop style of the song is also a genre they exceed at, with my number 1 choice, being the prime example of their rapping ability!

2. Robots from ‘Flight of the Conchords’ (2008)

Another ‘random’ song topic, a robotic uprising. Yet it fits completely. This was in the first episode of the TV show, and I was amazed at what I was seeing, at how genuinely funny and unique the duo were and still are. Not many people can make others laugh by describing humans dying. As the two ‘robots’ Bret & Jemaine’s reasoning for the ‘robotic uprising of the late 90’s’, becomes increasingly humourous, and their description of how society has changed with ‘the Robot’ being the only remaining dance move. Again, the song’s funniest segment comes at it’s ending with the ‘binary solo’ and refrain of ‘Robot Boogie’, ensuring that the song remains fresh and far from repetitive. It’s the song that got me hooked on the Conchords, pushing me on to digest more from them, and for that it deserves credit!

1. Hiphopopotamus vs Ryhmenoceros from ‘Flight of the Conchords’ (2008)

One of the more popular songs, and my favourite is the outrageously titled ‘Hiphopopotamus vs Ryhmenoceros’, which took me a good few minutes to type out. The video also works very well in tangent, with the rapping stylings of the duo coming out for all to see under their titular alaises. Rhyming about ‘making all the bitchs and hoes in the area pregnant’ and rapping about a ‘grandma’s tea party’ isn’t something most would expect from a song, and as a result, is probably the most open song of their’s, hence its success. At just 2:06, the song is kept short and sweet, a good thing as it gets the majority to find more of the Conchords back catalogue for more hilarious tunes. Perhaps rap is their speciality, something that noone would expect from a couple of guys from New Zealand, even if they are called the Hiphopopotamus and the Rhymenoceros…

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