Film Review: The Inbetweeners Movie

The Inbetweeners was one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of the past few years. It was E4’s most successful show of all time. A film version of the popular sitcom, then, was inevitable, and here it is: a lads holiday abroad.

Now the tone for the film is set immediately within the first 5 minutes or so, it’s rude, it’s crude, but it’s bloody funny! I laughed probably the most I ever have in a cinema at it, often missing out on new jokes, because of how funny previous ones were. It doesn’t change much from the TV series, Jay is still the arrogant liar, Neil the imbecile, Simon the dope and Will the briefcase w****r, but it works. It hits it’s target audience, most likely teenagers-adults, because it instantly familiarises them with situations from hell, some of which the audience may well have experienced. Plus it’s funny to see anyone so drunk that they’ve passed out on an anthill for the evening…

The Inbetweeners Movie certainly plays to it’s comedic strengths, but lacks a bit in the plot. The film seemed to have no real direction in certain parts, something overlooked due to how funny it was at the time. However, the majority of the audience haven’t really come to see a gripping storyline, like they may have done for ‘Inception’ or ‘Super 8′, instead they’ve come to laugh for 90-odd minutes, which they most certainly will.

Where other TV sitcoms-to-movies have failed then, the Inbetweeners has certainly succeeded. Everyone that I know who has gone to see it only has praise for it, and as I mentioned, noone stopped laughing at the grotesque situations going on throughout the film.Even someone who hasn’t seen the series will be able to enjoy just as much as those who are familiar with all 4 central characters.

It’s hilarious, and definately the funniest film of the year, something made clear by the £13m the film made on its opening weekend in the UK alone! It’ll be a comedy classic for years to come, that’s for sure.



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